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Why Au Pair in China

A prosperous  ,developing and modern  China has a attractively ancient oriental civilization with over  5000 years of history which is never interrupted .With the economic growth rate of 7% each year,China has become one of the most active and potential economic zone in the world.


Over 95% of Au Pair China’s Host Families are from  famous cities such as Qingdao, Jinan, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen.  These cities represent the highest level of development and living standards of China in a modern era. There is no reason at all to miss out anyting in China during your youth!
As a participant in Hampole AuPair program you will receive a generous monthly stipend, free accommodation, paid vacation time, free Chinese class ,free insurance and free flights*  and more! You will also get immersed in a new culture and you will gain valuable social skills and friendships that will last a lifetime of yours. Start your au pair adventure now!

 Hampole Cultural Exchange is your experienced au pair agency based in Qingdao and your reliable partner before and during your Au Pair program.
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If you have any more questions about our program or agency, please feel free to contact us. If you are ready to apply, we look forward to receiving your non-binding au pair application and to helping you to seize this opportunity in a lifetime!
 *The "free flights" refer to round way tickets to a 12 month commitment with the same host family(au pairs apply for through our partner abroad),and return ticket to a six months commitment with the same host family.